Bezuidenhout remembers

The Juliana van Stolberg monument survived the bombardment and is now the place where each year the commemoration takes place.

Juliana van Stolberg monument

This is the memorial of Juliana van Stolberg (1506-1580), the mother of William of Orange. It was unveiled on the Louise de Colignyplein in 1930. The monument survived the bombing and moved to this location in 1954. The floral tribute to the victims is held here because it is a remnant of Bezuidenhout from before the war.

The first remembrance was held exactly one year after the bombing, on 3 March 1946. A large group of people gathered on the plain, where the only reminder of this beautiful residential area was a few ruins. The photo clearly shows the steeple of the Wilhelmina Church rising above the remnants of a few buildings. This commemoration has become a tradition. Every year on the first Sunday in March, the residents of Bezuidenhout congregate at this spot. To remember more than 500 fellow residents that died in the bombing. To meet old friends and neighbours and to recall old memories. And to pause for a few moments, recognising that in just a few minutes a war can change your surroundings for ever.

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'All hell broke loose on that Saturday morning in The Hague. The earth shook under the force of the bombs. Fire broke out all over the place. The bombing of Bezuidenhout was the final, tragic conclusion to the years of occupation for The Hague. These were years in which our city and its residents suffered immeasurably. We will never forget the victims of this devastating Second World War and will always honour their memory. By commemorating them, as we do here, but also by our joint commitment to a free, peaceful and just society. A society based on our rule of law and our constitution. This is the only lesson that our generation and future generations can learn from this terrible period.'

The Mayor of the Hague, Jozias van Aartsen, at the remembrance of the bombardment, on 7 March 2010.

Before the bombardment
After the bombardment
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